Biweekly Item-Sarpin Crystals

“We’re nearly upon them, sir.” There was a sharp edge of eagerness in Lieutenant Farvel’s voice. Captain Vesper couldn’t blame the man. They had been chasing these pirates for three days since their last take, a merchant vessel where they left no survivors.

“Ready the ballistae!” The pirates were still fleeing and with a couple well placed bolts might disable their helm, leaving them helpless against continued barrage. 

Add they neared ballista range, an onager aboard the pirate vessel flung something back toward them. The small pot shattered, smattering the deck with a water. A ranging shot. “Deck teams ready with the sand!”

It was foolish of the pirates to waste their resources at this range, when his men had nothing else to occupy them than putting fires out. Even so, the next pot fell upon the deck with a blazing fuse, the oil within igniting as it spread. Men with sand converged on it immediately, but as they reached the site swayed and dropped to the deck. 

A second pot landed nearer Captain Vesper, but he stood resolute, ordering men to extinguish it. Then he caught a whiff of the smoke. It burned his nostrils and his vision immediately swam. He felt his body hit the deck and knew no more.

These purple, glowing crystals are found uniquely in the Northern mountains of Stormguard. The goblins there control the only source of the crystals and have built a vast city around it despite the mutational properties of the magic energy emitted by the crystals. Indeed, their god Rukarah was deified primarily for his discovery of and subsequent mutation by the crystals. The crystals are quite powerful and the religion that has grown up around the one-winged, one-horned goblin is focused on researching uses for that power. Here are a few:

Imbuing Metal

The powdered crystal can be used in the forge coals, cast upon them during the heating process, to imbue metal with the energy of the crystal. This energy causes numbness when striking or when struck.

Imbued Weapons

Upon successfully striking a target, the weapon causes numbness in the struck region. Depending on the region, this has various effects on the target’s performance. These effects last 1 hour and can stack. They do not stack in duration.

Hit Location Table

Front Target Roll Back Target Roll Effect
Head 1-10 Head 1-5 See Table
Body 11-40 Body 6-40 See Table
Right Arm 41-55 Right Arm 41-50 -5 to hit on actions using arm
Left Arm 56-70 Left Arm 51-60 -5 to hit on actions using arm
Right Leg 71-80 Right Leg 61-70 -25% speed on move/dodge
Left Leg 81-90 Left Leg 71-80 -25% speed on move/dodge
Right Wing/Arm 91-95 Right Wing/Body 81-90 -50% acceleration/top speed flying
Left Wing/Arm 96-00 Left Wing/Body 91-00 -50% acceleration/top speed flying

Head and Body Effect Tables

Head Effect Roll Body Effect Roll
Confusion 1-20 Reroll until a limb 1-70
Loss of Sight 21-40 Doubled Fatigue 71-80
Loss of Hearing 41-60 10% on all actions to fall 81-00
Loss of Speech 61-80
Lose Random Ability 81-00

Imbued Shields and Armor

When a shield or piece of armor so imbued is struck, the striking limb is affected as if struck. If the striking limb is wielding a weapon, this weapon prevents some of the effect and the effect is only 40% of what it would have been.

SP Reduction Aura

Solid shards of crystal can be crushed to emit an aura of Spell Point reduction. The volume and number of the divided pieces governs the power of the aura. The SP reduction falls off as P/(4πr2) where P is the reduction to someone touching the cracking crystal or within r=1/sqrt(4π)=0.282 feet. P is determined per cracking event based in the durability damage done to the crystal.

Stun Bomb

The crystal can be ground into a powder and dissolved in a flammable liquid. When burned, the acrid smoke released by the fire deals great non-lethal damage, rendering those that breath it unconscious.

Sarpin Crystals are pretty powerful and complex and core to my current Mind Weave campaign that launched from Stormguard. They may not be suitable to other campaigns or systems, for more general and useless flavor items, see my loot compendium for populated furnished rooms: “Who Would Just Leave This Stuff.”

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