Play Report-Turning the Tide

We left our party on the eve of battle, having joined Marquis Rutan in the citadel in preparation to sally forth during King Vindil III’s attack in the morning and clear the Nekolyns from the city between their two forces.

During the night they dream. Hilbrent sees himself ascended to godhood, inspired by their recent struggle against Margon and their many other interactions with the gods.

Lamila finds herself on tomorrow’s battlefield, the only one left standing of her friends or foes. Margon stands before her and warns her that the battlefield is his realm. He is the only god upon that field. He points out that she herself has led many of his followers to this battlefield among the Gollant minotaurs.

Benquil is also visited by a god. Standing in a vast library, Brimahil approaches him and questions him concerning the Sarpin crystals they obtained among the goblins. She doesn’t care so much about what the crystals do, but how and where they were found. She believes the ancient records Benquil brought her from King Gamlis of Arem have shed light on the origin and meaning of the crystals. She assures him that she will inquire with some of her other agents. She is confident she will be able to find other sources of crystals with the same origin.

In the morning they set their minds to the battle ahead. Hilbrent wakes early and begins testing a theory for a shaped area spell that detects walls at the level of the spell’s origin and then contains the stunning blast to the area below that level and within the walls. The power passes through roofs and walls in the affected area. His tests on a small mound of dirt work after a little practice and he awakens Benquil to help him, since he can’t cast the spell by himself. Hilbrent teaches Benquil to use what magic he knows to create magical totems that will detect Hilbrent’s spell and enhance it with Chaos (Indirect) power, expanding its area of effect greatly. While the King’s forces gather outside the town walls and the Marquis rallies his forces, Benquil pours all of his magical energy into these totems. Hilbrent pours nearly half of his own considerably greater energy into a mighty spell whose casting lasts so long only his training in casting focus allows him to complete it without failing due to fatigue.

The spell is successful, lightning coursing through the town in a flash of devastation that leaves the buildings unharmed. Reassured by Hilbrent that the spell will have incapacitated the average soldier even at the farthest edges of the city, Benquil leads the Gollant minotaurs in a charge toward the far end of the city where the Nekolyns will most likely be holding the gate against Vindil’s men. Behind them, Lamila and the Marquis lead the Marquis’s smaller force (most of his garrison) out into the town on the same course (Lamila fears betrayal from the minotaurs, due to Margon’s warning).

As they charge, arrows from the second floors of buildings along the main road strike at them. Benquil leads the minotaurs into the building and as they crash in, the Nekolyns there leap out the windows flying up the street toward the Marquis’s forces. As they pass they loose some arrows into the column and round a corner. Lamila and the Marquis’s men pursue them down the other road as they hit the ground running an high speeds toward the Eastern wall. Lamila signals to split her forces to side streets on either side to catch them if they change course. She goes with the middle group following straight on the group of Nekolyn rovers. They are far faster and quickly lengthen their gap.

Meanwhile, Benquil and the minotaurs, seeing their foe fled, return to the street, moving again toward the walls. As they approach the walls, they can see Nekolyns fleeing the area, carrying unconscious comrades with them toward the breach in the east wall where the king has deployed fewer forces. The Gollant minotaurs round the corner onto the wall street and see the withdrawing Nekolyns ahead. They chase after them, Benquil deploying a few of the minotaurs to open the gates for the King’s main force as it approaches. Ahead, the Nekolyns have seen them and while most seem to continue on, the rear ranks begin to form a shield wall with spears out.

As they approach, Benquil picks out one that appears to be a commander and drops him with a shot carefully aimed to get around his shield. As the charge continues, a wave a javelins rain onto the minotaur ranks, Benquil taking one to the armor while knocking one away from Cheif White Ear on his right. The minotaur column hits the shield wall and it holds, dealing devastating damage. Benquil uses his ring to teleport behind the enemy line, striking with both scimitars against the spear-man on the far flank by the wall. He sees a rear line of Nekolyns hurl another wave of javelins into the minotaur ranks before drawing swords.

While a wing of minotaurs led by Chief High Dust circles around to get behind the line, Benquil disarms three Nekolyns attacking him and soon finds himself pressed against the wall by the three shields. The minotaurs struggle to break the lines on either side, but the King’s forces arrive, many of their archers moving along the wall above and firing down into the minotaur lines. Benquil uses an additional encharged bolt to take down one of those pinning him and starts to break free just as the Nekolyns surrender under withering fire and threat of their lines finally collapsing.

Meanwhile, Lamila and the Marquis’s soldiers are bombarded with arrows from the surrounding buildings while pursuing the first group of rovers. She signals to ignore the fire and they continue the pursuit. The archers come out into the street and fire after them until they get out of range. Ahead, the fleeing Nekolyns reach the East wall and turn North to join the remaining front. Lamila signals the other groups to the change and they continue the chase.

Behind them, the second wing of Nekolyn rovers decide to attempt to take the citadel. They run back to the citadel road and running up it reach a full sprint before jumping up and flying toward the walls. Hilbrent sees them coming and prepares a spell against their approach. Just as they are coming into ideal bow range, he finishes his spell, knocking them all unconscious to fly uncontrolled into the citadel.

With all of the Vardor forces now converging on the last remaining front and many of their people already down, the Nekolyns surrender, only a handful of the rovers escaping along the East wall, presumably to join their armies in the South.

With the battle over, healing magics are deployed and all but 6 of the 25 fallen Gollant Minotaurs choose to accept resurrection. The Nekolyns are all captured and disarmed, the fallen Nekolyns looted. King Vindil III recognizes the victory is primarily to the credit of the sallying forces from the citadel. He decrees that the Gollant forces will receive 25% of the value of the captured loot and that Marquis Rutan will receive 40% to restore his town and award his defenders. The remaining 35% he will distribute among the other forces that joined him in the attack and his own coffers.

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