Monster-Brick Snake

Quill glanced around the corner, seeing nothing in the dim twilight pouring through the temple’s windows. Breathing carefully, he crept forward along the right wall of the temple where the pillars and their shadows veiled his position pressed against the wall. He was leery of the lack of guard in the main forum of the temple, sure someone was watching or that traps were waiting.

Already halfway to the back wall behind the altar, Quill began to think the temple was indeed without guard. A snag in the mortar startled him, but he quickly calmed himself, pressing on. He was quickly growing fearful that his luck would run out and he paused to listen a while. The pit in his stomach sunk slowly deeper. Was someone watching him?

Suddenly a shout echoed through the chamber. Quill turned to the sound only to see the lightning deity herself hovering over the altar. Shaken, he ran, screaming for the exit, where guards seized upon him, confused at the madman bellowing through the silent temple.

The brick snake is a creature of strange biology and appetite. It frequents areas of special import, listening and learning the superstitions and lore of the place. The knowledge does nothing for them, but they feed on the stories and the feelings they inspire. Their venom is the distillation of the feelings and rumors they have gathered and they hunt for the opportunity to excrete it, lest the waste product build up and kill them.

They can only excrete their venom effectively through a bite into flesh. The venom effects most sentient creatures with feelings associated with the place (fear for haunted places, awe for majestic, and so on). These feelings quickly give way to hallucinations, usually of exactly the sort the victim expects, because they come from the stories the snake has heard about the area. The victim’s will resists the venom’s effects, though his constitution may resist the venom itself, though it is quite strong.

The brick snake obtains access to its prey through its ability blend against any rock or brick and it’s ability to crawl up and along walls, clinging primarily to mortar. They otherwise look and move like garden snakes.

For Mind Weave

Health: 2

Perception to see: 3d6+10

Will to resist: 2d6+15

Speed: 28

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