Weekly Item-Cauterized Troll Finger

“Can we get out of here?” Fritz murmured, hand on the hilt of his sheathed sword. “All this stuff gives me the creeps.”

“This is a treasure trove!” Alma exclaimed in surprise. “Just give me a few minutes, why don’t you have a look around, too?”

Grumbling, Fritz glanced around the witch’s laboratory for a place suitably safe to search. Uneasily, he pulled open a drawer. He could feel the bile rise in his mouth at the sight of a severed, hairy finger within. He must have made some sound of disgust; Alma appeared at his shoulder.

“Great find! I’m sure that will come in handy.”

Despicable? Perhaps. Useful? Maybe not at first glance, but a little knowledge of trolls, some imagination, and the ability to recognize a troll finger when you see one may suggest a use. Whatever the reason the original owner (or I guess second owner, after the troll) of the finger had for keeping it around, the most obvious application for a player is to create a troll from the living flesh by severing the cauterized portion. The remaining stump might even grow itself into a new cauterized finger if you hold onto it.

What would you do with the ability to grow trolls as a player? As a GM, would you let your players find something like this? Would you let the stump grow a new finger? How would you expect them to use it?

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