Play Report: Ambushed! (Stormguard Session 16)

We left the party sleeping soundly after a successful Devil hunt. The party is

  • Hilbrent Firebrand: Human Magic-user, Level 6
    • Don “Juan” Ashe, Human Fighter henchman, Level 3
  • Benquil Barrison Del’Armgo: Half-Drow Thief, Level 6
    • Mickey Heron, Human Padfoot henchman, Level 3
  • Lamila Umdril: Half-Orc, Half-Elf Berserker, Level 6
  • Matchitihew: Half-Lizardfolk, Half-Ospryte Cleric, Level 6

While Mickey is on watch, some of the party members are awakened by a sound, some by a whistle, some by a crackle of energy, and still others by the thud of a Mickey falling to the ground. Benquil opens his eyes and sees Mickey lying with an arrow in his back. Lamila jumps up, using her skills learned among the High Plain orc trackers to see where the arrow came from. She rushes that way with Hilbrent and Don falling behind her haste booted speed. Benquil taps Mickey with an encharged healing staff, but he doesn’t awaken. He charges after the others. Match, meanwhile, flies up over the rock, landing on the seaward side and drawing a summoning circle in the sand.

As they charge, an arrow from one side strikes Benquil and he changes course, running into easy range before leveling his crossbow. A young, hefty woman charges from the brush in front of the archer and he shoots an encharged bolt, bringing her down.

Lamila continues ahead, passing a large boulder on the right, and feels a vicious stab in her back. She turns to see Velish, the thief from Warqua’s manor, has stabbed her. “Die, mutt,” he growls. She pivots, cleaving him in two despite his attempts to jump back from the swing. At the same time, she is struck by a lightning encharged arrow from the side. She immediately spots footprints leading in the direction from which the arrow came.

Hilbrent and Match see a figure apparently composed of lightning emerge from the tree line, moving toward Lamila. Match has finished his circle, and suspecting the energetic foe to be immune to physical damage, summons a lesser ice demon to go and deal with it. It charges off with a psychotic staccato of “kill kill kill kill kill kill kill…” Match then takes off, flying toward the woods to seek the mage who summoned the elemental.

Benquil is struck by another arrow before loosing his own bolt to drop the archer in the brush. He then runs to examine his fallen foes. Lamila chases the tracks of an apparently invisible foe. She perceives crunching in the sand to her right and steps into a swing. The invisible foe did not realize he had been detected and takes a deep cut to his torso.

He bolts away and Lamila can see the drops of trailing blood trace a multi-arced jump high up onto the massive boulder. He has double jump. Hilbrent senses the magical invisibility. He senses the magical jump, and he, after quickly healing Lamila from two brutal sneak attacks, casts a quick fireball up toward the top of the rock. It catches the man on the edge of its blast and it’s enough to light some of his clothes. He drops and rolls, extinguishing the fire, but when he rises, there is still enough smoke and dripping blood for Benquil to guess at his location.

He fires an arrow that Benquil is able to dodge before shooting back with an un-encharged bolt. Meanwhile, Lamila rounds on the elemental, who is on the verge of slaying the ineffectual demon. Hilbrent climbs the boulder in pursuit of the invisible archer while Match swoops down on the mage, taking some fire as he casts a spell in response, then cutting the mage down with his scythe.

After taking the bolt from Benquil, the archer hits the deck, waiting for a better opening. Hilbrent reaches the top of the boulder as Benquil begins to climb. He casts a light encharge spell, making the boulder glow and revealing a dim silhouette of the now imperfectly invisible foe. He draws a dagger and attacks. The shadow jumps to its feet, parrying and riposting, forcing Hilbrent back a step.

Match swoops over the elemental, hitting it with death energy and continuing on to aide Hilbrent in his fight atop the glowing rock, where he is clearly outclassed and the foe continues to parry and force him to dodge.

The elemental finishes the demon, still shouting its murderous intent, but is cut down by Lamila, despite its immunity to her physical attack, because of Match’s blessing of Promathus on her weapon. Meanwhile, Match reaches the boulder, cutting with his scythe and rendering the invisible foe unconscious.

The battle over, Benquil climbs back down, asking to see the body of the invisible foe. Match rolls the body off the rock, killing the man from the fall. Lamila goes to examine the fallen young woman, finding her to be at least part orc. The archer she protected is apparently her father, a half-orc. Due to the non-lethal nature of Hilbrent’s bolt encharges, both are still alive and she binds them for interrogation.

Hilbrent and Benquil examine the magical items on the invisible foe, finding a tunic of invisibility capable of total invisibility up to dawn and dusk conditions and a bow with a powerful accuracy bonus and  some lightning damage.

They bring their prisoners and the magical items back to their camp site and Hilbrent begins casting a powerful healing spell capable of reviving the dead Mickey before his body has the chance to further decompose.

Upon interrogating the two prisoners they find that they are mostly innocent in this endeavor, merely hired for the father’s tracking ability. They return his weapons and allow them both to go free, granting them to stay the rest of the night in their camp.  They also learn that Royvan, the invisible man, was Velish’ superior and a key agent of a politician in Vindilia. They had been tracking the party for some time, trying to silence them for what they had learned in Warqua’s manor.

During the interrogation and distribution of the magical items, Match is away, praying to his deity for Mickey to be revived with beneficial effects from his experience. Upon his return, he sees no sign of the effects, but his deity assures him he has done what he can.

In the morning, they return North, going more slowly then before. They have decided to travel South to one of the big ports to board a ship to the mainland in search of Benquil’s father among the mainland elves. They go to the Pool of Earth they discovered in the goblin village and use it to teleport to the southern-most Pool for which they have earth.

It is noon, and they send Lamila and Benquil through first. They appear standing beside a very active temple and they are immediately surrounded. The priests ask which Pool they used and they explain they had found a lost one and are on a mission to restore the temples of Craith. Upon hearing this, they welcome Lamila with open arms, declaring her a priestess and agreeing to receive even her human companions she explains will be following (all of this coordinated through the sensory extensions of Hilbrent).

They are greeted with a feast and celebration where Lamila and Benquil gamble at a game of stones with the orcs (similar to the game Kesti, but simplified). They lose handily to the same sniveling orc in both games. When the party is winding down, the High Priest of the Wrath Heart tribe calls upon Lamila to give a sermon before they all go to their beds. She performs fairly well, repeating what she has learned in her interactions with Craith.

They all go to bed, where they are joined by Match, who has been in the graveyard, calling undead and binding one to him, an exhumer.

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