Play Report: Jail Break (Stormguard Session 7)

We left our players in the midst of battle, with spells appearing in their ranks and enemies mustering at the end of the hallway. They’ve managed to rejoin the girls and are now looking to fight their way to the dungeons and get the prisoners out of there. The party is:

  • Hilbrent Firebrand: Human Magic-user, Level 3
    • Don “Juan” Ashe, Human sailor (soldier) henchman, Level 1
  • Talia Stormborne: Human Cleric of Vardor, Level 3
    • Irion Brightear, Halfling Musician henchman, Level 0
    • Dwight Montgomery, Human sailor (soldier) follower, Level 1
    • Elba Seron, Human herbalist follower, Level 0
  • Benquil Barrison Del’Armgo: Half-Drow Thief, Level 3
    • Mickey Heron, Human sailor (soldier) henchman, Level 1
  • Algaeir Ashbow: Human Druid, Level 3 (Tracking and Archery)
  • Lamila Umdril: Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter, Level 3
  • Matchitehew: Half-Lizardfolk, Half-Ospryte Cleric of Talitew, Level 3

Seeing the soldiers mustering at the end of the hall, Lamila charges, almost reaching them at a sprint. On of the soldiers swings a sword at her and she takes the hit, using the opening to cleave him in two. Another stabs a spear at her and she grabs it, breaking off the head in one hand.

Meanwhile, Benquil uses Hilbrent’s portal wand to create a gate down into the kitchen again and passes through, landing on a table. In the kitchen he can see Dwight, Mickey, and Don preparing to pass through the portal into the fight above and calls for them to come with him and be quiet.

Back in the fight, an archer fires an arrow at Lamila, which she dodges when suddenly a wave of death energy washes over her, sapping a little energy from her. Behind her in the hall, a powerful spell has been unleashed, engulfing Hilbrent and Algaeir in death energy despite Hilbrent using his magic sense and a called action to activate his anti-magic staff encharge in opposition to it. Both are rendered unconscious and fall to the floor. Talia, in the open room, is spared most of the power, but feeling it arises from prayer to go and cast a healing spell, not knowing that Hilbrent’s anti-magic field would reduce any quick spell to nothing.

Unaware of their falling, Lamila fights on, cutting down two more swordsmen who approach and attack her. Another soldier fires an arrow and as she moves to dodge it, she trips, taking the arrow square in the chest and falling to the ground, still conscious. The last remaining swordsman runs forward, cutting down on her. She feels her Death Throes start to kick in, but realizing her chances of survival are better if captured than killed, she allows herself to pass into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, as Talia begins a more powerful spell, two men burst from the other rooms, one of them tackling her to the ground and knocking her unconscious.

They all awake in a prison familiar to Algaeir. The have been confined to the two cells not possessing a secret tunnel, sharing them with the elf and the bird creature. Benquil and Lamila recover first, seeing a guard has been posted in the room with them. Lamila approaches the bird creature, who appears to be in some kind of reverie.

Matchitehew leaves his meditation, putting a finger to his lips. He unfurls his wings, revealing tattooed feathers that when aligned with his face and tail forms the arcane circle. His eyes glow red and as the guard stands, stunned at the rush of wind, a devil appears in the cell with them; it is a small devil, with sword and dagger, snarling and muscular, a Mazzakim. Matchitehew commands him to kill any wearing the livery of the guard and return in an hour. The guard draws his sword and stabs the devil through the bars.

Lamila reaches out and grabs the guard, slamming him against the bars to knock him out. The Mazzakim, having accepted the mission, bends the bars and squeezes through, stabbing the unconscious guard before proceeding up the ladder. Benquil takes the guard’s sword and garbs himself in his armor while the others begin to awaken. On the floor above, they can hear the cries of death and fall of bodies as the Mazzakim kills soldiers. Some of the soldiers begin to awaken and the clang of weapons can be heard as they fight back. Soon silence falls as the Mazzakim proceeds to the upper story.

They wait an hour and Matchitehew again assumes his summoning position with his wings spread over his head, ready to banish it. He holds it for 3 minutes, as long as he can, before letting it fall. Several minutes later they decide that the Mazzakim is not returning and leave the prison. They are still wounded and completely out of SP, due to a spell on the prison.

In the hall above their prison, they find several dead soldiers and all of them take swords or daggers. They proceed to the second floor, finding more bodies there, and other bodies of soldiers killed during their previous attack resting in their beds. As they approach the loft and Warqua’s room, they see the devil, lying dead cut and stabbed at the site of their attack earlier in the night. Lamila checks Umaugh’s bed, dismayed to see it empty. They search the other guest rooms and Warqua’s room, finding no more bodies.

They are desperate to find their weapons and armor, but weak and without spells, they decide to escape the compound. They go to the lifts, but finding they will have to make multiple trips and remembering their previous experience with the lifts, they turn back and exit through the main gate.

Upon rejoining the elves, they report the goings on in the fortress, but Sirin refuses to go in with them, saying that the evidence they have is not sufficient for the rangers to get involved directly yet. They do heal the party, clothing and arming them as best they can.

With a few hours of spell points recovered, the tired party returns to the manor, leaving Elba and Irion with the rangers. They travel under the guidance of Talia, whose deity (Vardor) has instructed her to break the altar of Rathillion at the mountain’s peak. They are guided up some stairs they have not previously traversed, finding their weapons in an empty barracks room.

Grateful to have their armor and weapons back, along with the encharges cast by Hilbrent, they proceed to the top of the mountain, following several flights of stairs within the mountain nearly to the peak. Finding the altar at the peak, Talia kneels and prays for its destruction.

A massive arrow of light soars from the eastern night sky, shattering the altar with a deafening crack. Talia thanks Vardor for his boon and they prepare to go back into the compound, seeking concrete evidence of goblin involvement. They descend into the secret tunnels adjacent to the prison that Benquil had explored. There they descend a leftward spiraling tunnel, Don carrying the lantern while Benquil scouts well ahead using his infrared vision.

Benquil rounds the final spiral, finding a diverging cavern off the right of the winding cavern. He creeps along the wall toward it, glancing in to see three warm forms, too small to be humans and most likely goblins. He unshoulders his crossbow quietly, taking aim and shooting one of the goblins. The other two react immediately, pursuing him as he flees back into the lamp light to warn the others.

The goblins stop outside the lamp light, throwing rocks and striking Lamila with one of them. Benquil, the only one who can see them, charges in, killing another with his scimitar. Going in blind, Lamila charges as well, relying on Benquil’s yell to find her target. With a mighty swing, she cleaves the goblin in two. They can hear goblin voices chattering deeper down.

At this point we had run far too late, and we were forced to wait until the next session to engage the remaining goblins.

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