Play Report: Dreams and Battle (Stormguard Session 3)

Our intrepid adventurers have been shipwrecked in the orc controlled Stormguard wilderness for two days now. They have just leveled up. The party is:

  • Hilbrent Firebrand: Human Magic-user, Level 2 (Fire Spellbook)
  • Talia Stromborne: Human Cleric of Vardor, Level 2 (Healing Spellbook)
  • Benquil Barrison Del’Armgo: Half-Drow Thief, Level 2
  • Algaeir Ashbow: Human Druid, Level 2 (Tracking and Archery)
  • Lamila Umdril: Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter, Level 2

As they sleep, our party dreams.

Hilbrent dreams of meeting his mentor in the Firebrand magic school in the manor library where he receives a tome of magical knowledge and is taught of 3 new magical components.

Talia has a vision of her deity sitting in a temple defiled with the bodies of orcs, stabbed from behind. She is chastised for the dishonorable slaying of orcs in a cowardly fashion. She is then reassured and taught new magics allowing her to resurrect and area heal to help her have courage.

Benquil dreams of his father in his magical prison. He sees his father’s captor and lashes out, but his father is resigned, asking only that Benquil be forgiven by the deity Brimahil.

Algaeir dreams of the elven rangers he so reveres. They are not what he expects them to be and attempt to distract him from his mission, dismissing his cares and inviting him to take his ease in their safety.

Lamila dreams of being trained by an elven ranger and of a mission to suss out strange goblin activity. By the end she is running from danger and passes out.

They are all (except Hilbrent) awakened by the sounds of battle. The Dark Mind orcs have crossed the river to the East and are attacking the flank. Benquil and Lamila run full speed to the front, smashing into the line and dealing significant damage. Algaeir takes command of the archers, leading them to support the rear against circling heavy infantry. As their troops continue to arrive at the front, the enemy is pushing them back and their minimal heavy infantry is faltering in defending the archers. Talia arrives at the main front, casting an area heal to get most of their troops back on their feet, turning that front. She then runs to the rear, healing the heavy infantry and turning that flank as well.

With the main front broken, Lamila and Benquil charge the archers while the Dark Mind commander flees from the rear engagement. Algaeir shoots for him, dealing some damage, but he’s tough. Hearing the cries of Algaeir, Lamila turns and rushes the commander, taking a blow in order to counter, cleaving him in two.

As the Dark Mind flee, Hilbrent awakens, running to the edge of the river they are wading and consuming them in a ball of death. With another spell, Talia heals many of the fallen and wounded orcs and the Broken Bow forces celebrate a victory with only a few deaths.

The adventurers and their sailor entourage, along with the passengers, go with the Broken Bow tribe to their town where they revel, sleep, and trade in their grain sacks for more suitable trail rations and some monetary compensation for Myron. Meanwhile, Benquil interrogated a wised orc, learning a rumor of an ancient temple to Craith not far away. He determined to guide the party there on the morrow.

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