Drake-Reamuk (Swamp Lurker)

Reamuk600“I hate this swamp!”

“Stop complaining. They’re paying well.”

“But it’s noon and I still can’t see in this fog. I mean, agh.”

“That is odd. Is it getting thicker? Alek?”


Health Points: 5d6+100

Spell Points: 400 (Recover 20 per hour)

Attack: 2d8+5 (bite) speed 1/2, 1d12+2 (tail) speed 3/4, 1d6+2 (2 claws) speed 1 (pick 2)

Special Attack: Clamp, on bite damage over 10 (before armor) the Reamuk grips strongly on the target. Escape attempts grapple against 30 Strength. While the clamp is maintained, a Reamuk will drag the target either to drown or to control the battlefield.

Special Defense: Breathe Fog, at a cost of 100 SP, produces a cloud of fog lasting 30 minutes. The fog forms a rough quarter circle with a radius of 40 feet, close to the ground, in front of the Reamuk’s mouth. The fog is dense, preventing sight beyond 5 feet.

Dexterity: Bite (16), Tail (16), Claw (12)

Strength: Bite (16), Tail (16), Claw (12)

Speed: 20 (land), 28 (water)

Armor: 8 18 24

Special: Stealth V, Hide V, Perception V, Incapacitate V, Stillness V, Hold Breath (10 min)

Fog Tasting: The Reamuk is covered in sensory organs on its skin which can sample fog (magical, breath, or natural), obtaining information related to taste and smell concerning whatever is in the fog. It also knows the location of each of the things in the fog.

Pressure Sense: When in water, the Reamuk can sense changes in water pressure to detect creatures in the water without need of light. Each foot per second of speed of motion in the water is equivalent to a light source of 100 lumens for the Reamuk’s ability to ‘see’ it.

Description: Reamuk look for all the world like massive crocodiles, with the exception of reed-like spines on it’s back. Their coloration is a greenish grey and their rough texture makes them well suited to hiding in the murk of the swamps. Though few have survived to deliver such a description after seeing one, their effectiveness is compelling proof of their stealth.

Reamuk are careful to attack when they have the enemy positioned to get them as quickly as possible. They achieve this positioning through patience and the use of fog. They wait for targets to be entering a preferred hunting terrain before breathing fog into it and moving into position for the first hit in the confusion. This is often used to drag the target into the water and prevent outcry.

As a player, how would you react when one of your allies vanishes out of the fog? What if fog suddenly began to encroach on your camp at around sunset?  Would it seem odd?  As a Master Weaver, would you use a Reamuk? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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