Quick Start Guide to Mind Weave Magic

I’ve got a test campaign coming up with a family that plays a fair amount of table top, but who have never played Mind Weave. I’m pre-building their characters because it’s a birthday surprise, and I made them all part of a gnomish noble family (and the butler) in Mhyrinport. Unfortunately, they’re almost all going to have magic, which means making the magic accessible to them. I’ve done two things to help with this. I’ve written them each an extensive spellbook, but I also left them plenty of room to make new spells. To help introduce them to this idea, I produced this document:

Quick Start Guide to Mind Weave Magic

I gave an early draft of it to a player new to the magic system in a current campaign, and he decided his character would sleep through a battle while he figured it all out. I was worried, but he said that he knew the others could handle the fight and that he was having fun figuring it out! I hope this family can have as much fun building their own spells.

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