Progress Update-New Circumstances

Well, we’ve finally moved into our house and that means some changes to my lifestyle. It also means I was busy all week and too exhausted from hauling our stuff to be much use yesterday, so I’ve fallen further behind my schedule.

As to changes to my coding regiment: I expect to be able to put in as much time as I did in the months before the moving effort, but I hope the time will be more efficiently used now that I have a kitchen table where I can code rather than on the couch. I expect this to improve my focus, keep the toddler off the keyboard, and increase my typing speed. As I’m mostly recovered now, I expect to be able to make some quick progress. I should have queuing outlined by the end of the week and I’ll at least be close to multiplayer movement. I’m working on a simple maze for a 4 player race to test it. Keep an eye out for that.

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