Progress Updates-Maps Maps Maps

I’ve been putting off posting because there was going to be a lot to do and I wasn’t sure how to handle it without doing a video. Now I have enough to justify a video, but I don’t have the time, energy, or mood to make one. I do feel bad about the long silence, though, so I’m going ahead and posting all of my Master page progress. I already showed off the player character context map, but I’ve added changing character stats beneath it when you change the selected player complete with abilities and inventory:Character

Notice the scroll bars. I had to do some major refactoring on the scroll bars, which are going to need to be redone on all of the pages, but the new ones are very easy to use and the code will be a lot cleaner. Speaking of, the reason I redid the scroll bars was because the overview map needed both vertical and horizontal scrolling and the old way didn’t handle it. Check out the overview page where maps can be changed, player characters are shown, and transitions are marked:BigMap

This means you can see a player moving around the Confusion Land map and know where things connect:ComplexMap

DamnedMapIn the process of testing all of this, I found a major bug thanks to this little map. Because of how I coded the transitions, when transitions facing the same way are this near each other it causes major problems. It’s not hard to fix, just tedious. This brings me to another major refactoring job that should simplify my code. In the process of the refactoring, I’m going to work things so I can make the context map show what the player does and does not see.

Things are going very well and I expect that in the next week or so I’ll be able to get player-master syncing working. I hope in the next two weeks to make a video of multiple players running a race through a complex map I’m working on. It’s about all I’ll be able to do since the only thing players can do now is move and cast spells, but I still think it’ll be a blast!

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