Progress Updates-New Avatars

Well, I’ve written a lot of psuedocode for the new map style for the Master page. I’ll be writing some of it in real code this evening and during the week. In the mean time, I’ve drawn several new avatars. For player avatars I’ve done a Halfling Thief, a Gnome Mage, an Elven Archer, a Human Brawler, a Dwarven Fighter, and for monsters I’ve got an Orc, a Zombie, and a Kobold:AvatarsOnly


avatar2-1avatar3-1They require quite a bit of clean up, and I’ve only cleaned up the halfling and the gnome. They’re looking pretty good and look good on the map as well. Within the next few weeks I hope to get to a point where I can run multiple players in the same map and AvatarC2-1AvatarC3-1then I’ll need more than one avatar. With just a little more work, my playtesters will have plenty of avatars to choose from. Exciting times.

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