Progress Update-Gear Shift

Well, I finished coding up all of the lateral transitions (nonsensical and otherwise) and have been debating how to demonstrate them. It can be hard to tell what a player is doing when you’re just watching, so a movie didn’t seem like it would do it justice. Instead, I decided to make it possible for you to wander my test map: Confusion Land. It has all 16 possible lateral transition types. I’ll add a vertical transition when I’ve coded that. To move, just use WASD with Q and E to pivot. If you run into any bugs, please be so good as to report them in the comments below.

With the transition mostly behind me, I’m moving on to the Master page, where I decided last night I would display the map in a third new way that won’t allow me to reuse hardly any code from the map maker or the player page. It’ll be a little more work, but I think I can get it done. So far I just have the background laid out for the first three tabs and you can switch tabs by clicking on them, so that’s cool:MasterLayout

The mapping for this should be relatively simple to code up. Then it’s time to link the master and player pages with my simultaneous, non-realtime queuing system. That’s going to be a major step and require a lot of play testing to make sure it doesn’t muck up play too much. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before multiplayer videos are a thing.

Also, in preparation for multiplayer videos, I’m starting to draw to new avatars. So far I’ve got a halfling thief and half a gnome mage. I just hope they look as good as the fighter avatar.

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