Progress Update-More Than I Could Chew

Well, I’ve fallen still further behind in my schedule. This is largely because coding up the map parser on the player side that needs to sew connections in dynamically based on the character’s location is a real mother bear. It’s worth it, though, to make the map maker as flexible as possible in connecting things in fun and strange ways. I got he player side parsing maps and preparing the transition area, but I’m still coding the stuff to sew the other piece of map in (pictures later, my computer with the ideal sized screen for the current prototype code is at work busily running antenna simulations).

The other reason is LTUE. I spend a lot of my usual coding time there, looking for inspiration. I got a fair amount, but the most important lesson I learned was from Howard Taylor. To make a long story short, I need more time. My plans were pretty aggressive and I planned announcing a hard release date before I’d even coded the outdoor/travel mode of the game. I’ve smarted up and my announcement of a release date has been moved back 8 months to give me time to code up the whole game, test thoroughly, and produce more content before even mentioning a date for release. It’s a bit of a bummer, but best to come crashing to reality on this soft turf than on the spikes up ahead.

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