Progress Update-A Transitional Period

This week I built the User Interface for adding “transitions” to the map. A transition is used to connect sections or to create physically impossible structures in one or more sections. Essentially, a transition says that this part is connected to this other part. This connection can be either physical or visible or both, and it’s type can be different from one direction to the other.

Transition PageThe User Interface for the transition manager was a piece of work. Those context windows for the two transition ranges adjust dynamically to the selected area and there are all kinds of other little considerations. These transitions also save nicely to the map file and load perfectly into the map maker.

Now it’s time to shift gears back to the player page and get started on the master page, where the map file will be loaded and sections will be stitched together based on the defined transitions. When that’s done, I’ll do a video to demonstrate how transitions work with a character or two on these maps.


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