Progress Update-Complete Map Maker

Well, I hit a few snags along the way since my last post and ended up a little behind my “optimistic schedule”. I’m now kicked back onto my “reasonable schedule,” but I have plans to push for a “super optimistic schedule” that gets me back on the “optimistic schedule” by the end of February. Of course, there may be unforeseen bugs and complexities, but I think I can probably handle it.

In the meantime, the map maker is looking gorgeous! Here’s a video with a look at the diagonalizing and pit drawing algorithms, saving, loading, the works. As an added bonus, with the game all on an amazon server now, this demonstrates the map maker’s performance connected over the internet rather than hosted locally. Contrary  to what you might assume, this makes everything more smooth since I’m now on a less dying computer. I’m also trying some new video capture software that worked really well, so you can now see my custom mouse icon and know where I’m clicking. Yay!

I still need to reevaluate my position and what I can get done this week, but I think I’m planning on a couple of non-progress updates for fun, a brief update when I finish the transition manager, and maybe a glimpse at the Master page layout. Things are about to get fun!

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