Progress Update-And We’re Back

Well, I very grudgingly let the blog schedule slip for three weeks while I defended my Master’s Thesis and wrapped up everything else I needed to do to graduate, all the while working full time. Now that’s all done, and I’m only working full time, so it’s time to get back to coding the game and making blog posts. During the long hiatus, my momentum was broken and I got a chance to think about that trajectory. I decided I was spending way to much time doing drawings, math, and maps for the blog, and it was distracting from the point of all this: to make me accountable for my progress on the game itself of Mind Weave.

So, this return is going to be a sporadic affair until I figure out how I’m going to structure blog posts going forward. Whatever I do, it will include ensuring that all of the time I put into the blog is work that will also advance the game development: spells for starter spell books, for example. I will probably stop posting abilities and characters, with the exception of posts exploring and feeling out new abilities (it helps me think). Test battles will become more common, especially when the combat mechanics are all coded and we can test them for real. Map posts will be limited to content for the starter campaign, once I figure out what I want that to be. Anyway, big changes, but hopefully for the better.

In the meantime, a progress update: I’ve migrated the game as coded so far to an amazon server where I will do all of the work going forward. This means I will be able to work anywhere pretty easily and I can start the move toward player interactions. I can also start making style files for larger screen sizes than that of my old laptop. The server runs nicely, but not all of the tables have been rebuilt yet, so some of the pages are broken. Near future, I’m going to finish rebuilding the tables and get most of the details in the map maker worked out, so stay tuned. Once I have something pretty, I’ll post a video.

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