Monster Monday-Direbloom

Dire Bloom“I hate jungle. It’s like a constant war against interminable forces of vines and plants.” Derek grumbled as he hacked through the underbrush with his machete. “What I wouldn’t give for a real fight right now. Something that swings back.”

“I like it, it’s peaceful.” Alex said.

“Easy for you to say, mage. You just walk.”

“Just slow down and look at these beautiful flowers, they— Ahhhhh!” His sentences was cut off in a scream as a flower leaped toward him.


Health Points: 24+2d6

Spell Points: None

Attack 1: Fore Claws, 1d4 damage. 1 claw on each of  four sides. Speed: 1. Dexterity: 15. Strength: 10.

Special Attack: Spine Shooting

Speed: 12


Minimum Alternative Terminal Velocity: 5 feet per second

Horizontal Flight Top Speed: Descent Speed/2

Horizontal Flight Acceleration: Descent Speed/4

Armor: 2 1 1

Special: Climb X, Perception I (with all 4 eyes, full coverage all directions. Eyes spaced at 90° with a 120° range of view per eye), Disguise II as local large flowers.

Spine Spray: Can fire up to 3 spines from its spine crown each turn. The spines are dodged against 30 and spray mostly randomly with (4d6-14)*3 degrees off of the pointed direction for each spine. They deal 2d4 puncture damage. They have a capacity of 17 spines, and regrow one per hour.

Description: Direblooms are animals that develop adapted camouflage to look like the largest flowers in their area. They are native to deep jungles where exotic plants thrive. They are extremely patient hunters, relatives of subterranean Churners. They dangle from the trees, waiting for something to pass under them, then spraying spines. If the prey is too small for an accurate attack, or if they are becoming desperate, a direbloom will leap and glide toward the target, getting closer before firing spines and then attempting to kill with claws. Their mouths are useless against live prey.

As a player, how would you react to an ambush by flowers? As a Master Weaver, would you use such an ambush as an encounter? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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