Ruin of Gon

Today I’m going to take a look at the ruined structure Arg Uret discovered on Monday. Though the structure is now falling down and claimed by Green Dragons and their massive trees, it was once known as the Court of Gon. It was a short distance from a powerful city and served as a ritual area for the Cult of Gon.RuinsOfGon

In its prime, the Court of Gon was occupied a number of times by city guardsmen, looking for young girls who had been kidnapped, allegedly by the cult. They never found any sign of the missing persons, despite having tight perimeters and the cooperation of the cult in searching the compound. It is a small facility, after all.

TheVatThe cult’s secret was a hidden dimension in the bronze vat at the center of the court. Beneath the surface of the liquid lays a magical chamber where the cult would hold its most private rituals, including human sacrifice.

Now The Vat is long forgotten. The floor of the entry chamber is blanketed in moldering leaves, those that have sunken through the liquid over the centuries. The alcoves in the hall are occupied by grotesque statues of tall, thin creatures. The blood of countless sacrifices still stains the altar on the dais at the back of the extra-dimensional cave.

Some of the victim’s bones, and perhaps some long forgotten artifacts, are still piled in the secret chamber at the front.

Would you use the Ruin of Gon in a game? How would it tie into a story? Perhaps one of the victims had an important key with them and it is lost in the Vat. Let us know in the comments below.

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