Monster Monday-Green Dragon

GreenDragonArg Uret was in awe at the structure. The increasingly mighty trees had intrigued him and he was drawn deeper into the forest, and now this? Perhaps the humans had such structures, but he had never seen such a thing here, in orc lands. He climbed the steps to to touch a large tree overgrowing the foundations.

He started at a sound and turned. A small winged lizard was approaching, belching a green gas. He was not so foolish as to be drawn in by its cuteness. Neither did he think he could tame it. He wondered if it would make a good dinner. He didn’t sense the mother dragon descending behind him.

Mind Weave Dragons are greedy and weak-willed. They are however very powerful, growing only mightier with age until they plateau at around 20,000 years old and between 1,600 and 2,000 feet long. Colored dragons are aggressive with lots of offensive power. Metallic dragons are passive and with defensive abilities.

The general dragon post describes Mind Weave dragons in general, including how to interpret dragon characteristics defined below.

Green Dragon (Verdant Dragon)

Health: 8d6 per 10 feet + 36

Spell Points: 4 SP per foot, recovery 8+.5 per foot SP per hour.

Claws: 1d4+1d4 per 20 feet, 2 front claws, 1.5 Speed

Teeth: 1d6+1d6 per 30 feet, 1 Speed

Tail: ¼ of Length, 1d4+1d4 per 10 feet, ¾ Speed

Breath Weapon: Noxious Gas Breath, 45 to 90 degrees with 4d4 degree error, 2d6 per 10 feet opposed by a Will check or become sick. Vomiting for 3d6 fatigue, -5 to attacks and parries etc., 3d4 strength damage (see Tome of Vigor and Vulnerability). Each round after exposure, a Will check is made to stop the vomiting and is subtracted from the original opposition value for the next round. For example, a breath attack at point blank rolling 22 is opposed by a Will check of 9, the target vomits for a round. On the next round, his will check opposes 13, he gets 6 and vomits for another round. On the next round he opposes 7 and gets 4, dry heaving for another round. On the next round he opposes 3 and gets 5, shaking off the sickness. If struck with another breath of gas while sick, the value is added to the remaining value. Holding breath protects against this effect.

Wing Winds: 2d6*10mph+1d6*10mph per 100 feet

Armor: 8 12 28

Magic Resistance: 4

Size: 8-8.5

Land Speed: 28+1 per 20 feet

Flight Acceleration: 15+1 per 150 feet

Flight Top Speed: 30+1 per 50 feet

Special: Rapid Growth 1 per 100 feet, Control Plant I +1 per 50 feet, Speak to Plants I +1 per 20 feet (10 Charisma), Climb V, +10 to stealth in leafy foliage.

Earth Healing, 1d4 HP per round per square foot of surface on touching ground soil.

Description: Green dragons are extremely solitary. They insist on living in forests where they can easily stand below the treeline and prefer to be able to climb at least some of the trees. To this end, as they grow larger they will use their druidic powers to grow trees in their area taller and taller. Though they draw energy from the ground, they enjoy climbing in the trees and try to keep a few dozen tall enough for climbing and flying. These tall trees also become their allies in a battle. Savvy adventurers are leery of forests where the trees are unnaturally large.

Green dragons like to stay hidden. They rarely venture out of their own forest territory and are much less likely than other dragons to attack human civilization outright. They are very patient and will encroach instead on declining civilizations with forest expansion. They are not particularly powerful dragons, but they will fight fiercely to protect the forest they have worked so hard to grow.

Green dragons speak the dragon tongue and coordinate amongst themselves when necessary. They almost never bother to learn humanoid languages. They have no need of people. While they wield significant plant magics, they do not dabble in arcane magics.

As a player, do you ever worry that the trees around you are too large? How would you prepare for an enemy like this? As a GM, how would you use a plant dragon? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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