Kar’s Hurt

Karen Dyheart lives as an outcast, but she has found friendship in the form of elementals. She has used her magic to fashion a very livable cave in which to summon them and where she resorts after raids for food and treasure:KarsHurt

The upper floor of the caves is a temporary storage area for incoming goods brought in from raids. The main room of the lower floor is similarly unused, except in passing or as a gathering area while Karen summons elementals.

Karen summons in her summoning room to the West, where she maintains a 10 foot radius summoning circle. This circle is large enough summon an elemental up to 55.5 cubic feet in volume. She has a storage room to the Northeast and sleeps and studies in a small chamber to the East.

Karen maintains an elemental or two on guard at all times and she is a skilled caster in her own right.

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