Ability Tuesday-Summon Elemental

In Mind Weave, summoning the elementals discussed yesterday requires a specific ability: Summon Elemental. While mages can create elemental analogues using simple magic or enchantments, for example the Firebird and Stone Panther, these spell created ‘elementals’ are much less permanent than real elementals. Getting this ability and creating a summoning circle allows the character to summon powerful beings that can accompany him as long as he can spare the power to keep them bound.SummonElemental

Levels in Summon Elemental increase the variety of elementals a character can summon. At level 1, the character can only summon earth and water elementals. At level 2, wind and fire elementals can also be summoned. At level 3, the character can summon ice and lightning elementals. At level 4, the character can summon mixed elementals, but only of 2 elements, and not including ice and lightning. At level 5, the character can summon any 2 element mixed elemental. At level 6, he can summon 3 element mixed elementals. Additional levels also make summoning and maintaining elementals cost fewer spell points per cubic foot.

Summoning an elemental can cost as much as 25 SP per cubic foot, which is significantly more than creating something similar by normal magic (an efficient spell can approach 1 SP per cubic foot). However, the most it can cost per cubic foot to maintain is 5 SP per hour, while even a very efficient spell imitation can, with perfect rolls, get less than a minute at that cost. This difference in duration might just make the elemental worth the preparation time and 2 minutes per cubic foot of summoning time.

Summoning elementals is a highly specialized and arcane ritual, only Magic-users learn it normally, and it is hard to obtain as part of a backstory or cross class.

Would you be willing to commit the preparation time to use elementals?  What kinds would you summon? How big? Comment below to let us know.

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