Monster Monday-Elementals

EarthElementalsThe group’s steps were loud on the stone tiles. Four stone feet, two thundering and two clopping, escorted soft booted treads and a tapping cane. Karen didn’t worry that the noise would attract attention. Her stone guardians could handle it.


Elementals are native to the six elemental planes of arcane energy associated with the elemental spirits of the arcane circle: earth, water, wind, fire, cold, and energy. Each of these six planes boarders on each of the others and mixed elementals exist along these boarders. Further more, do to the perplexing geometry of their realm, three way boarders exist for every possible combination of elemental spirits where more complex mixed elementals thrive. There are 81 elemental types in all.

Elementals have power proportional to their size in cubic feet and dependent on their elemental type. Each of the six base types has its own stats and mixed elementals divide their power between the stats based on the fractions of their volume in each element. Regardless of type, all elementals get 1d4 HP per cubic foot and have 10 dexterity base, though some older ones may be small for the age and have more dexterity (a conversion rate of 2 dexterity per cubic foot of reduced size).

Earth Elementals have armor 0 8 8 and are immune to most energy forms of magic.  Their attacks deal 1d4 blunt damage if under 3 cu. ft., 1d6 if under 6 cu. ft., 1d8 if under 10 cu. ft. 1d10 if under 15 cu. ft. and a maximum of 1d12 blunt damage when above 15 cu. ft..

Water Elementals have armor 4 8 6 and are immune to fire effects, but vulnerable to cold.  Other energy attacks deal normal damage. The water elementals are capable of drowning by using strength grapples with a strength equal to their volume in cubic feet. They otherwise do 1d6 blunt damage on attacks.

Air Elementals are nearly immune to all physical attacks, taking at most 1 damage, but are vulnerable against magical and energy damage, their attacks will be 3d6*10 mph gusts of wind.

FireElementalsFire Elementals are also nearly immune to physical attacks, taking at most 2 damage from blunt attacks and 1 from others.  They are immune to fire, but vulnerable to water and cold while taking normal damage from other forms of energy.  They deal fire damage of 1d4 per cubic foot (maximum 6d4), which is a thrown attack with a range of 8 ft.

Ice elementals have armor 0 6 6 and are weak against fire, but otherwise immune to energy attack.  Their attacks do 1d6 per two cubic feet with maximum 5d6, having a thrown attack range of 8 ft. and a 25% chance of freezing the target.

LightningEarthElementalsEnergy Elementals are immune to physical attack, but are affected by all energy attacks, their electrical attacks deal 1d8 per 2 cu. ft. with a maximum of 4d8 with a missile attack range of 16 ft.

A mixed elemental will have a combination of these stats, for example, an 18 cubic foot elemental that is half earth and half energy will have 18d4 HP and attack with 1d8 blunt damage in melee or 4d8 electrical damage at a range of 16 feet. It will take half damage from energy attacks and half damage from physical attacks before applying a 0 4 4 armor. There are 15 two-element combinations and 60 three-element combinations possible, in addition to the pure elementals.

Elementals cannot normally exist in the physical world, but if supported by a mage or summoner’s magical energy, they can last as long as the energy does. Without this energy they are forced back into their own plane in short order. Tomorrow, we will discuss the Summon Elemental ability that allows PC and NPCs alike to summon elementals to do their bidding.

Would your character use elemental helpers? Which kinds would he prefer? What’s the most powerful elemental combination you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.



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