Character Thursday-Hallen Ettinbane (Werewolf Hunter)

Here’s a werewolf character. He’s level 5, but he counts as a level 6 for encounter level and such due to the addition of the werewolf template.

Backstory and Levels 1-5

Hallen Ettinbane was a decent hunter, part of a lord’s hunting party and a decent tracker. He was respected for his ability to find the way back even after wild chases. His unity with nature was well known. On one such hunt, when he had been invited to ride beside his lord at last, they were attacked by a werewolf. Hallen valiantly put himself between the beast and his lord and with the help of others slew the creature, but he was bitten in the effort.

He was taken back and healed, but when he began to have bouts of lycanthropy, he fled the area, unwilling to put others in danger. He began a solitary life in the woods he loved so much. He built there a small fort where he could keep himself from doing harm.

Strength: 8, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 14, Charisma: 6

Abilities: Tracking I, Weapon Mastery (Bow) IV, Speak to Animal II, Natural Empathy II, Direction Sense II

Skills: None

He was rolled on 3d6 and got some unfortunate rolls, but being a Hunter pre-tier class for 4 levels, his attributes are getting closer to Ranger qualification. He’s a decent bowman, and he doesn’t get lost easily. He doesn’t get along with people, which is why he lives alone, I suppose. He would know his local woods well and could be a good resource for the players, though he could also become a liability.

As a player, how would you interact with a helpful werewolf?  As a Master Weaver, would you use hime? Comment below and let us know.

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