Hallen’s Redoubt

Due to unique complications he faced trying to be a part of society, Hallen withdrew to the woods and built a small fort where he could defend himself and entertain guests of all sorts:HallensRedoubt1

Hallen is a werewolf. He identifies with wolves in the area and has provided them a dog run where they could visit them. We also has benches around a fire he keeps burning for other friends he’s made in the area. He has a storage shed attached with a basement access hatch. Other stores are kept under the stairs.HallensRedoubt2

On the second floor is Hallen’s room, with arrow loops overlooking the areas around the tower. Most of the building is only one story high.HallensRedoubtT

The tower is 3 stories tall and has a full circle view ofthe area. Hallen spends most of his time on the tower when he is not hunting or preparing meat to be cured.

HallensRedoubtBThe basement contains a cage where Hallen confines himself during full moons to avoid harming himself or anyone else.

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