Ability Tuesday-Fortress of the Mind

Fortress of the Mind is a defensive psionic ability. A character can use it to defend himself against psionic attacks and spells that target the mind. This ability allows a character to use his magical energy to fortify his mind, whether against mental attack or the ravages of fatigue.

A character possessing the Fortress of the Mind ability can channel spell points to increase his Will temporarily. Increases in Will can help a character fight resignation from fatigue, fend off all kinds of mental attacks, and even resist a werewolf‘s transformation to lycantrophic form.

Fortress of the Mind is a major ability. It provides general purpose Will in large quantities, but temporarily at the cost of SP, and in a psionic campaign setting it can have a major combat impact. This is a general indicator of a major ability.

Would you get Fortress of the Mind? How would you know when to use it? Why would you want it? Let us know in the comments below.

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