Monster Monday-Werewolf

WerewolfTarquin lurched through the night, clutching his bleeding side. He’d killed the beast, but not before it had taken a bite out of him. He was losing blood fast. There was howling in the distance, and he wondered if maybe there were more of them.

The wretched full moon was rising again. He could feel his skin tingling and the hair raised on the back of his neck. He whirled, sword in hand, but there was nothing. Suddenly, the pain began. He dropped to a knee as the pain ripped through his hands.

Claws? The pain was suddenly in his face and chest.

Like Vampires, werewolf is a template on top of the race and class of a character, PC or NPC. As such, they also make for an interesting monster.

Human Form:

Health Points: By Level and Constitution

Spell Points: By Level, Intelligence, and Wisdom

Attack: By weapon

Strength: As Living +2

Constitution: As Before +2

Dexterity: As Before

Wisdom: As Before

Intelligence: As Before

Charisma As Before -2

Speed: As Before +1

Armor: By armor

Special: Abilities and skills as prior to infection.

Call of the Wild: When exposed to moonlight, the werewolf must make a Will check each minute against MoonIntensity/MaximumIntensity*4*(3d6) to resist entering lycanthropic form. He may willfully fail this check and become a werewolf on purpose, but if not exposed to moonlight, must make a Will check against 2*(3d6) to assume lycanthropic form. When exposed to moonlight and in lycanthropic form, Will checks to change back suffer a -5 penalty. In lycanthropic form, the character has no control of himself and behaves as a rabid beast.

Lycanthropic Form

Attack 1: Claws, each hand twice per turn, 1d6 damage.

Attack 2: Bite, every other turn, 1d12 damage, 12 Dexterity, automatic hit when on top in a grapple. Infects with lycanthropy 50% of the time.

Additional Speed Bonus: 8

Additional Natural Armor: 4 3 6

Description: Lycanthropy is a an infection similar to vampirism. In the case of Lycanthropy,  the werewolf can generally live a normal life, so long as he keeps a good schedule of the risings and settings of the moon and keeps indoors unless the moon is down, is a sliver, or is obscured by clouds. Werewolves with a high degree of willpower can live normal lives, withdrawing to their quarters only during the full moon.

However, in the wilds where there is little opportunity for shelter from the light of the moon, or among those without the education or knowledge to ascertain the trigger of their lycanthropic form, werewolves can be more dangerous and uncontrolled. Even among civilization, there will always be instances of irresponsibility or honest mistakes, to which is owed the continuing existence of the infection.

It is rumored that there exist whole tribes of werewolves who consider it normal to all enter the frenzied lycanthropic form when the moon is bright, while going about their work when the moon is down.

As a player, would you be willing to become a werewolf for the bonuses it offers?  Would you invest in will to control it? How would you use your lycanthropic form? As a Master Weaver, how would you use werewolves? We’ll be giving an example soon. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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