Character Thursday-Lyet Highfall (Dragon Slayer)

I’m planning a dragon hunt post in the near future, and I want to use this character, but my schedule just got really crazy with a final thesis run. Expect that in a week.

Backstory and Levels 1-20:

Lyet Highfall was made a ward of an order of monks at the age of six. He was taught in their ways and was respected for his potential as a warrior. He advanced rapidly in the order, but when the order was destroyed through the betrayal of some of their leaders, he escaped the carnage and vowed vengeance on those leaders. He turned his skill toward that end and had soon assassinated each of them. He then turned his efforts on the group that had bought their services. He found the evil order extended far further than he’d initially gleaned. They were backed by dragon worshippers. It was not long before his cause of vengeance became one of opposition to the greatest evil force on the continent. He found himself slaying dragons to defend the people.

Strength: 24, Constitution: 26, Dexterity: 26,

Wisdom: 10, Intelligence: 13, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Dagger) X, Parry Mastery VI, Jump V, Disarm V, Leaping Strike III, Crusade (Dragon) III, Climb V, Hand Fighting I, Meditation I,  Soften Fall II, Backstab I, Hide I, Stealth Magic I, Lie I

Skills: Will V, Second Hand V, Stealth V, Agility VI, Weapon Skill I

I think he’ll be pretty good at fighting, and probably at fighting dragons. He’s got the endurance and will power for dodging around stabbing furiously with his daggers for a long time, and he can case a few good spells. We’ll look at one of them Saturday. Then next week we can see him in action hunting a dragon.

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