Character Thursday-Darren Freemont (Human Assassin)

Here’s a pretty basic assassin, I need him for tomorrow’s post on stealthy kills.

Backstory and Levels 1-7:

Darren grew up on the streets. With no means of feeding himself, and having seen the dangers of begging in his city, he turned to theft for food. He got very good at stealing food and money for himself, but he was not so satisfied. He was angry with the wealthy who scorned him as they passed, the constables who had beat him when he tried at first to beg, and the drunks who kicked him in his sleep. His hatred grew as he got older until one day a robbery turned wrong and he killed the shopkeeper who had caught him in his shop at night.

That night was his richest haul ever. He disappeared for a small time until the search for the shopkeeper’s killer died down, and when he returned to the streets he brought with him a small dagger. With it he began to kill the drunks who kicked him, taking all their coin. Those murders were easily enough ignored by the constables. However, when he killed a drunk nobleman, the constables opened an investigation. The assassin’s guild noticed as well. The default suspects of the constables, they had no choice. They abducted Darren and offered to pardon him and protect him from the constables only if he would work for them. He agreed.

Strength: 15, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 26,

Wisdom: 7, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Backstab VI, Hide V, Climb I, Pick Pocket I, Pick Lock I

Skills: Stealth VII

Darren is built purely for backstabbing people, though he only recently became an assassin and it’s possible he will be acquiring magical skills in the next couple of levels. However, for my purposes he is a backstabber, in preparation for my post tomorrow examining how a sneaky kill works in Mind Weave.

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