Fell Haunt

Thought now called Fell Haunt, this underground complex was once a center of pantheonic worship known as Veras, where dwarves hosted shrines to a dozen deities of all sorts, from Quudala to Bresinda. The place was also a fortress, proving a refuge in hard times for various groups over the centuries. But one group of refugees brought a powerful enemy, disrespectful of the gods of Trethal. They were dragon worshipers, and between their siege weapons and the dragon that accompanied them, Veras fell in ruins.FellHaunt

The invaders quickly moved on to other prizes, but they left a hatchling dragon to occupy the complex, claiming what minor hoard remained.It lived there contentedly for a long time while the dragon worshipers conquered and then were driven back and destroyed. Then, as it got older, it became less content with its petty little hoard.

It began to venture out of the ruined caves, attacking villages as they sprung up on the devastated land. It underestimated the memory of the people. Seeing a dragon return, they remembered the stories of the dragon invaders from generations past. They tracked it, they followed it into its hole, and there they killed it. Though many of its enemies died in the fight, the dragon died, hacked and pierced with mattocks and picks at the hands of desperate farmers.

DrakogeistSo tormented was its death, the dragon’s soul remained, locked in the world, haunting the Fell Haunt, a Drakogeist. The drakogeist doesn’t leave its gallery of statues and shrines, and so the townsfolk nearby are not threatened by it, only every now and then foolish explorers enter the Fell Haunt only to meet with the twisted creature and its demented tricks. There have been those intent on destroying it, but it is no dragon of flesh. They cannot track it, and they can hardly hurt it with their iron arms, when it lets them come so close.

Would you approach the Fell Haunt at the people’s behest? How would you fight the drakogeist? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Whoa. That’s AMAZING detail.

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