Monster Monday-Drakogeist

Drakogeist“Oh, come on, man! What are you afraid of?”

“What am I afraid of? You know the stories, Jake.” Mick’s sword shook in his hand.

“Oh, come off it! They killed the dragon years ago, it’s perfectly safe.”

Oh, is it now?

Jake jumped. Where had the voice come from? Suddenly the walls were melting to reveal lines of corpses. He ran screaming, leaving Mick stunned.


Health Points: 1d6 per 20 feet + 6

Spell Points: 5 SP per foot, recovery 5 +1 per foot per hour

Attack 1: Claws, 1d4+1d4 per 50 feet, 2 per turn, drains 1d3 strength per 200 feet, 14 Dex.

Attack 2: Grapple with 6 tentacles for 10 Strength + 1 per 100 feet each.

Special Defense: Incorporeal, 1/8th physical damage

Magic Resistance: 12

Armor: – – –

Flight Acceleration: 30+1 per 40 feet

Flight Top Speed: 40+1 per 30 feet

Special: Deleriate I + 1 per 100 feet, Read Mind I + 1 per 100 feet, Mental Duel I + 1 per 200 feet, Telekinesis + 1 per 10 feet, Telepathy V, Pass Through Walls.

Description: Drakogeists, or sometimes known as Geistwyrms, are rumored to be the ghosts of dragons who died under extreme and adverse conditions, much like humanoid ghosts are created. As a result, they will haunt the place where they died until destroyed. They continue to possess their love for treasure, though their taste has become somewhat different, considering statues and galleries of carefully posed bodies their hoard.

In combat, they will attempt to use delusions and voices in the head of their targets to disorient them. They will also mentally duel a powerful member of the group, hoping to take control of the person in order to kill the others and cause confusion. Only when very desperate will they attack directly.

As a player, how would combat an enemy with psychic powers? Would you invest in mental abilities like Will? As a Master Weaver, can you think of a way to employ a dragon ghost? Comment below to share your thoughts.

This beast was inspired by a desire to come up with something terrifying for the RPG Blog Alliance Blog Carnival: Things that go Bump in the Night, over on Of Dice and Dragons. If you like scary beasties, you should go check it out.

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2 Responses to Monster Monday-Drakogeist

  1. Scot Newbury says:

    Thanks for sharing another entry with the Carnival!

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