Ability Tuesday-Charge and Attack on the Run

Here are the last two specifically mounted abilities. They synergize well as a major and minor ability combination. They are Charge and Attack on the Run.

Charge is the ability to use a mount in a cavalry charge. In this kind of action, the mount must move in a straight line, but the rider gets a 2x bonus to attacks in the process with pole weapons like spears and lances. Furthermore, the mount can deal trample damage, depending on its size relative to footmen in its path.

Attack on the Run allows a rider to attack enemies as he passes, preventing them from attacking him. This can be done as part of a charge or independent from a charge while moving normally. Levels in this ability increase the speed the mount can be moving when the attack is made.

These two abilities are core to a traditional mounted combat. Would you play a mounted knight or spear-man? What other things would you have in your build with these abilities? Comment below to let us know.

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