Monster Monday-Abaddon

Abaddon“Are we really going to let these brutes lead the attack?” The Lucifugi questioned, reluctant to open a gate for the glory of others. “Surely they’ll mess something up.”

“The mortals tend to defend their world viciously,” Mammon rumbled. “We’ll let these clear the way and make a beach head for you and your kind to support them.”

Just in time for the RPG Blog Alliance Blog Carnival: Things that go bump in the night.

Abaddon-Greater Brute Devil (Warrior)

Health Points: 16d12+32

Spell Points: 40, recovers 5 per hour

Attack: 4d10 Two Handed Sword (Weight: 8) 10%, 4d10 Two Handed Warhammer (Weight: 9) 5%, 4d10 Two Handed Haft Axe (Weight: 9) 10%, 2d12 Broad Sword (Weight: 7) and Tower Shield (Kite for Abaddon) 15%, 3d8 Morning Star (Weight: 7) and Massive Shield (Large for Abaddon) 15%, 2d12 Battle Axe (Weight: 7) and Tower Shield (Kite for Abaddon) 15%, 2d10 Lance (Weight: 7) and Tower Shield (Kite for Abaddon) 30% (All shields are adamantite)

Special Defense: 4 Magic Resistance

Special Defense 2: Hellmount Plate, on both Abaddon and Nightmare mount.  8 24 36 adamantite armor designed expressly to defend the Abaddon Cavalry from planted spears.  It is very light: 50 lbs, and large enough for the massive Abaddon and his mount.

Dexterity: 22-26

Strength: 28-32

Constitution: 28-32

Intelligence: 14-18

Wisdom: 10-14

Charisma: 12-16

Speed: 24

Armor: 8 8 8

Description: Abaddons form the devilish cavalry, riding on Nightmares bred by the Shapeshifters.  Led by Verrine himself, the elite Abaddon cavalry is perhaps the most powerful cavalry recorded.  Being as massive as they are, Abaddons can ride only the largest of Nightmares, bred especially for their heavy cavalry.  The Abaddon Cavalry is capable of great organization, but individual Abaddons are also dangerous both mounted and on foot.  Abaddons are hardly leaders in the devilish hordes, but they do command significant respect for their place in the powerful cavalry.

In combat, the shield bearing Abaddons will always prefer mounted combat, but may fight on the ground if conditions make a mount undesirable.  Two-handed weapon bearing Abaddons may choose to fight on the ground rather than using their mount, though if conditions favor a mounted charge, they will look for a mount.  In general, when mounted Abaddons like to do passing runs, cutting down foes on each run.  On foot, they prefer to stand their ground, rushing only in order to take down pesky mages and ranged foes.

When summoned, an Abaddon will be loud, trying to frighten the summoner.  He will threaten vengeance on flippant summoners and will try to achieve it at the first opportunity.  If the summoner is obviously a mage, the Abaddon will associate them with the condescending Occult Devils and will have immediate dislike for them.  Abaddons who accept a mission will summon their Nightmare as soon as possible.

Special: Summon Nightmare(40 SP), Will V, Weapon Skill V, Ride III, Weapon Mastery(Wielded) IV, Rush VI, Attack on the Run VIII, Firm Seat IV, Fast Mount/Dismount II, Warcry IV

Two-handed Sword: Cleave VI

War Hammer: Rage VI

Haft Axe: Cleave VI

Broad Sword: Shield Mastery VI

Morning Star: Shield Master VI

Battle Axe: Shield Mastery VI

Lance: Charge VI

As a player, you could summon an abaddon, with a little luck and manipulation. Would its abilities be useful to you? As a Master Weaver, would you use one against your players? Please, comment below to share your thoughts.

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  1. Scot Newbury says:

    Thanks for sharing this with the Carnival!

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