Saturday Spell-Anti-Cavalry Berm

“Mounted men coming,” Hooblah Gooblah warned as the others looted the fallen from their raid. “About a dozen of them.” They were about 10 seconds away.

“We can take them,” Ronaldo said, hefting his fiery ax.

“I’ll give us some help,” Bofran said, beginning to cast. “On ru gruo!”

Today’s spell is pretty simple. We’re going to take an engineering consideration approach by fixing important factors and casting within the 10 second time limit. As far as Dexterity and Agility are concerned, we’ll use Bofran Crystalbeard‘s stats.

Because earth is available, we’re going to increase our effectiveness by moving some rather than creating it from nothing. This not only makes the berm lasting, but can also put a trench as wide and deep as the berm is wide and tall in front of it. I’ve chosen to make the trench 2 feet deep, the berm 2 feet tall, and both π wide. This conveniently gives a cross section that is 4 cubic feet of earth moved per foot of length. Now we just get as much power in as we can during the time restraint to make the berm as long as possible.

Bofran can cast earth fingers at a rate of 3 per second with his 15 Dexterity. He has one Agility, and so can cast 3 arcs in 2 seconds. Since each finger change requires an arc to accompany it, this gives us a round 3 seconds for 3 arcs and 3 fingers, or 1 second per arc-finger pairing.

There are three alternative approaches here: 1) cast a single, immediate spell that rolls (18d6+10d3+5)*2 cubit feet of moved earth, averaging 176 cubic feet, a berm 44 feet long, 2) cast an encharge on himself, empowering himself to move the earth with 4 charges of (4*6+6*6+2*7)/2=37 cubic feet each for a total of 148 cubic feet, a berm 37 feet long, and 3) cast a perpetual repeating charge on something large where he wants the berm with all 4 charges in a single turn for a total power of (6*6+8*6+3*7)*2*0.646=135.67 cubic feet, a berm 34 feet long.

Now, I wasn’t sure how those would turn out, but the single spell has a pretty clear advantage due to its extended casting time, since it doesn’t have to provide for time for charges to be executed. This extended casting time does mean it costs more SP, almost 25% more than option 2 and 10% more than option 3. With only 19% more width than option 2 and 29.4% more width than option 3, it is a close call between options 1 and 2, but option 3 is left far behind. The question is, will an additional 7 feet make a difference? If it will, it is probably worth the cost.

Another advantage of the single spell approach is that the barrier appears instantly, making it much more effective since the cavalry cannot react to it and avoid the crash. We’ll go with that approach.

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Full)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Half)

Ya (Eath Arc): Earth (Full)

Neta (Natural Radius): Earth (Half)

saying “on ru gruo”

With a 44 foot long trench appearing close in front of the oncoming cavalry, 2 feet deep, then followed by a berm 2 feet tall, the horse men will almost certainly be stopped, and probably thrown as their mounts fall, unless they are skilled riders. Removing enemies from their mounts evens the odds, especially when they are prone and wounded from a fall.

The spell is expensive, 232 SP, but well worth it to turn the course of the battle early and prevent wounds and further cost.

How that for a battlefield control spell? Would you use it to disrupt a charge? Any other cool spells you can dream up? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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