Saturday Enchantment-Lance of Vengeance

Imps. Edam smirked. They thought they were unseen, on the edge of the jungle. They would try to ambush him all at once. Good.

He rode close to the jungle’s edge, stopping his horse and drinking from a small flask. The imps were getting restless as he put the flask away and continued to ride past them. As they all burst from the woods, too early, he wheeled his horse about and charged them, striking one with his lance in a flash of vivid lightning that shocked them all. A couple besides his target fell. The fight was on.

If you don’t know the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up: Enchanter’s Almanack.

This is a fairly uninspired enchant, made by Edam Highbeacon in his rage, wanting to avenge Dieter’s death at the hands of demons. It does lightning damage in an area, but only against evil, usable each 8 seconds, plenty often for mounted combat where he plans to be making charging passes.

Lance of Vengeance

Components: Ki, Chaos (Indirect), Des (Advanced Energy Arc), Sar (Advanced Evil Radius)

Understand Artifact: 60 to understand it deals damage on being used to attack.

This is a lesser enchant, a fair expenditure for a young knight. Edam would have spent a good piece of his savings from raid spoils on it, costing even more than his fine steel plate mail. It is “on” sized and took the enchanter 2 weeks to make.

It is a powerful weapon, each 8 seconds capable to dealing 3*(1d6) lightning damage in addition to normal lance damage. It also has an Area of Effect. This is the first time I’ve considered an area of effect on an enchant, and so I’m going to go ahead and discuss the issue here.

There are a few balance issues here. On the one hand, I want Chaos (Indirect) to be equally attractive as other components when used for enchants. On the other hand, I want power levels for spells to be more or less balanced with power levels for enchants, and AoE gets the size multiplier in spells, so it should certainly get the size multiplier here. Ultimately, my concern is that adding more AoE power reduces how exponentially distance reduces power. this means that with an AoE power of 128 nearly full damage dozens of miles from the center, and much higher than this it become hundreds of miles. I don’t want magical items to be able to destroy nations, so I need to determine if it is plausible to make a game breaking enchant with this kind of AoE multiplier when multipliers are applied to AoE.

Using a “mon” sized epic enchant where all 3 fingers are Chaos (Indirect), we have a base 12 AoE, which is divided by 4 going into the enchant, for 3 AoE. Now, I need to determine how large a multiplier I can get. A very brief analysis reveals that various approaches to yearly usable items can get well beyond this. With a one year cooldown and recharge, we can get 2340 AoE. With only 256 AoE, we can have 25% damage at the sun. With 1024 AoE, we can have over 99% damage on the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy. An item with 2340 AoE is so powerful, that its 4d6*780 damage is still over 99% at the farthest galaxy we have identified, and much much further beyond, up to over 10^74 light years away. Such an item is a universe destroyer. Sure it, it can only be used once a year, but it would only ever be used once anyway. I’m being facetious of course, extending my mechanics this far, but it reveals the problem.

So, my decision (at least for now): AoE is not multiplied by the enchant multiplier. In normal spell casting, each Chaos (Indirect) finger requires 2 arcs and two finger changes. Even using greater casting and the “mon” syllable to get an 8x multiplier, a blast with a mile radius at 25% would require 14 arcs, 2 radii, and 16 finger changes. This spell is long enough to increase fatigue and has a high total chance of failure, so I’m willing to leave the mechanics that way. In the near future I’ll do a closer examination of how long a spell a mage can cast to determine how much AoE is theoretically possible.

For now, what you really wanted to know is that Edam’s Lance of Vengeance has an AoE of 2, 50% 4 feet from the center and 25% 8 feet from the center. Not too shabby for charging demon ranks, but far from a world destroying explosion.

How’d you like seeing an enchantment? Would you want the Lance of Vengeance? How would you modify it? Did you enjoy the design discussion?

What enchantments would you make? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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