Character Thursday-Edam Highbeacon (Human Paladin)

Here’s an NPC built for mounted combat. I’m going to use him for demonstrations of the mounted combat rules in the near future.

Backstory and Levels 1-16:

Edam was born to a farming family in the North of Erkemna, between the Erk mounts and the Termasel jungles. He was a strong boy, and very good with horses. At a young age his potential was recognized by Sir Dieter Kappel of the High Beacon order of knights who at the time commanded the Justinian nearby. Dieter invited Edam to the fortress where he began as a stable boy while participating in training.

Edam took well to the mounted exercises and was soon joining hunts and supporting the other knights in mounted engagements. By his 20th year, he had been granted knighthood by his mentor, Sir Kappel, and became a part of the High Beacon order. It was not long after that that Sir Dieter Kappel was slain, killed by demons summoned by the vile goblin sorcerers in the jungle.

After the funeral in Berik, the Erkemna capital, Edam brought the mighty lance he had inherited to an enchanter in the city, seeking an enchantment that would help him slay the foul creatures who had killed his mentor and all their ilk.

He remained at the Justinian, and while he did not advance much in the leadership of the garrison there, or in the High Beacon order, he was respected for his power and tenacity. He was known for taking his training groups further out where they could track and harass goblins leaving the jungles, and when not assigned training responsibilities, he would ride the edge of the jungle, challenging anything that might emerge from it. More troops were brought up to defend the fertile territory his efforts had secured, and still he searched for demons and devils to ride down.

Strength: 24, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 9, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Lance) XVIII, Charge V, Shield Bash V, Anticipation VIIDivine Blow IVLay on Hands IVTurn (Evil) IIIFast Mount/Dismount III, Attack on the Run III, Sense Alignment IPrayer INatural Empathy I

Skills: Riding XVI, Weapon Skill II

This character isn’t very religious for a paladin, he’s a warrior, and he’s fighting for good and nobility, but it’s his actions that earn the power of his deity, not his prayers. His focus on mounted combat makes him very dangerous on a horse, but not so much when dismounted. He alleviates this by being able to mount instantly if his horse is nearby. With so many levels in riding, he overcomes taking damage and other things that might knock him off balance with (+270::-145::-125). This not only makes him incredibly hard to unseat, but also means he can attack with both hand multiple times a turn most of the time.

On any attack with a lance, he gets a +10 to damage and +26 To-Hit. Dodging his melee attacks also requires a dodge roll of 22. His Dexterity is decent, giving him over 95% chance of criting on any hit under normal conditions. His incredible Strength also multiplies the lance’s damage, and when using the lance on a running mount it gains extra bonus damage for the mount’s speed, and between Charge and Attack on the Run, Edam can really take advantage of that extra lance damage. His Shield Bash isn’t very strong, but it gives him an extra avenue of attack in close quarters.

He uses his SP for Divine Blow, Lay on Hands, and Turn (Evil). With Lyseana as his patron, his Divine Blow deals damage depending on the target’s alignment. For something like a demon with (-10, -10) Chaotic Evil, he deals 14*(5+2)=98 extra holy damage. Devils are Lawful Evil (10, -10), and would only take 14*(5-2)=42 extra holy damage. His Lay on Hands can heal 20 HP in 2 seconds at any time. He’s not great at Turning evil, but something quite evil he will be able to stop for a little while.

I implied he had an enchanted lance. I’ll post it Saturday, but the enchant is a basic damage boost, but only against evil.

Ho would you react to an NPC like this? How would you use him as a GM? Let us know in the comments below.  

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