The Justinian

West of the Hall of Illumination and at the base of the mountains is another ancient place of worship. Over time, followers of different deities have occupied the area, but most of the fortress was built by followers of Lyseana on top of the original dwarven chambers. The fortress was named in her honor: The Justinian.

The dwarves originally built it as a Northern entry point to their undermountain empire, but expanded around it to include forges dedicated to Duethain when valuable ores were discovered nearby. Eventually, the vein was exhausted and the Duethainian smiths moved to other locations, taking much of their equipment with them.

In the absence of the smiths, the empty chambers were claimed by dwarven and human scholars worshiping Dainlen. Many of them were studying the traditions of the many religious groups on the North of the Erk Mounts and a few even sought knowledge of an ancient civilization that once occupied the Termasel Jungles. They brought with them all their tomes of knowledge and ancient artifacts and two chambers were expanded and combined to form the library at [D].

Evil dwelt in the Termasel jungle and over the years grew bolder and bolder in leaving the leafy cover. It was around this time that Lyseana came into her own as a goddess, becoming revered by good governments across Trethal. Her power grew and she began to take responsibility for defending the goodly folk of the world. Her followers began to entrench at the entrance to the dwarven tunnels. Soon they had built a powerful fortress around the mountain chambers complete with statue of Lyseana at [C].

Thereafter, the Justinian became a center for training knights of Lyseana. Human and Dwarf warriors train there and many become leaders of the Northern Erkemna patrols that keep the empire safe from incursions from the jungle. The commanders entrusted with its defense are proven generals and warriors, as well as faithful servants of Lyseana. They live in the main tower at [A] and oversee the training.

The grazing area at [B] holds most of the war horses used by the Justinian knights, but can be evacuated at a moment’s notice if the fortress is threatened.

Would you play a Justinian Knight? Would you help them as a player? As a GM, would you use the Justinian as a staging area for players? Let us know in the comments below!

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