Monster Monday-Nightmare

NightmareLegend tells of a night-black horse

With a mane that burned like fire.

Flames broil in its nostrils and eyes 

As on burning hooves it flies.

Fear was its bedside nurse

And Hatred its cruel sire,

But rampant as its mother, Malice fell,

It rides the planes of hell.


Health Points: 8d6/12d6/16d6

Fore Attack (Rear): 1d4 (blunt)+1d3 (fire) Rear I, Riding I/1d6(blunt)+1d4 (fire) Rear II, Riding II/1d8 (blunt)+1d4 (fire) Rear II, Riding II

Rear Attack (Kick): 2*(1d8) (blunt)+1d6 (fire), 12 Dex/2*(1d10) (blunt)+1d6 (fire), 14 Dex/ 2*(1d8) (blunt)+1d6 (fire), 16 Dex

Special Attack: Flaming Snort, 1/2/3 foot range, 0.5*(1d6)/0.5*(2d6)/0.5*(3d6) fire damage.

Maximum Jump Height: 10 feet/11 feet/12 feet

Shoulder Height: 5 feet/6 feet/7 feet

Carrying Capacity: 150 lbs/200 lbs/250 lbs

Speed: 32/36/40

Armor: 0 0 0

Fire Resistance: 900

Special: Sense Alignment XX

Description: Nightmares are extremely rare in the mortal plane, since they cannot be summoned by the normal means used to summon devils and demons. They do occupy the planes of hell and so can be released onto the mortal plane by more rudimentary gates between the two worlds, whether created by devils or mortals. Abaddons can also summon them at will to the mortal plane when they are there.

Otherwise, they ride the planes of hell, some alone, others in wild herds, and still others tamed and raised by the Shedu to be used as mounts, particularly by Verrine and the Abaddons. Unless mounted, they will fight with either forward kicks or rear kicks each turn and use their fiery snort every turn.

Nightmares are not tame and unless trained by the Shedu will reject any rider who is not chaotic with a 1% chance per point away from -10 on the chaotic-lawful scale chance of attempting to buck a rider off each minute.

As a player, how would you fight a nightmare? Would you ever try to ride one? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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