Saturday Spell-A Curse of Fire

CurseOfFire“Tom!” Erik was approaching. Erik! He was huge and patted everyone’s backs too hard. 

“Erik, no, please don’t—”

“How you doing, T—”

Thoom! Fire burst forth from Tom, burning them both.

“Crossed old hag Annie, eh,” Erik coughed.

This spell is kind of a silly one if the goal is to kill the target, since more damage could be done in less time immediately instead. I could be interesting to cast on a target who will later be close to the real target and under the right conditions to trigger it. On the other hand, it could be a nice nuisance at a weaker power level, as in the story above. I’ll write that version, then a more powerful assassination approach.

Right Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Half)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Full)

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Half)

Left Hand:

Chaos (Indirect)

Saying “ba juo”

Without any bonus DoP, the spell spreads 12 fire damage over 4 charges for 3 damage each and a small AoE. The charges have a 50% chance of going off if the cursed person is jarred, hit, or trips. The charges will stick around for 15 hours. That’s a fine prank at 62 SP.

The assassination version uses a power syllable and more components to get more fire and a longer duration. This way the carrier has plenty of time to get near the target before being triggered.

Right Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Half)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Half)

Ful (Fire Arc): Order (Full)

Dain (Occult Radius):

Left Hand:

Chaos (Indirect), Fire (Full)

Saying “on ba juo”

This version needs to go off once and do the damage, so we use a single charge with 2*(6d6) fire damage in it. It has the same 50% chance of going off, so maybe we need to know the carrier will be mounting a horse in the same stable as the target, or that they have a wrestling match coming up. It lasts 18 hours, so cast on the sleeping carrier in the early morning it gives it all day to happen, and the best part is that if anyone detects the magical aura, he’s the criminal and we’re unconnected. There are certainly better ways, but at 172 SP, it is a clever way to avoid suspicion. Maybe an NPC could be using it to kill people in a mystery campaign.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Something else goofy and round about?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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