Character Thursday-Gnome Policeman Progression

Today I’m going to try something new. Rather than build a specific character this week with backstory and all, I’m going to define a template for NPCs across various levels. This week, the template is for a law enforcement officer, or policeman, basically a fighter with a focus on crowd control. These are what the gnome policemen are like in Mhyrinport.

Level 1/Initiationgnomes1

Class: Fighter Race: Gnome

60 Point Buy (+6 Gnome Bonuses):

15 STR, 17 CON, 12 DEX, 6 WIS, 10 INT, 6 CHA

Skills: Weapon Skill I

Abilities: Sense Alignment I (backstory)

Level 2 and on

Each Level: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Weapon Skill, 50% (+1 Weapon Mastery (Halberd), +1 Anticipation) 50% (+1 Shield Mastery, +1 Shield Bash)

14+LEVEL STR, 16+LEVEL CON, 12 DEX, 6 WIS, 10 INT, 6 CHA

Skills: Weapon Skill LEVEL

Abilities: (Weapon Mastery (Halberd) LEVEL-1, Anticipation LEVEL-1):(Shield Mastery LEVEL-1, Shield Bash LEVEL-1) 50%:50%, Sense Alignment I

This template is a little overly simplified, but stacking all points into the same abilities is a pretty optimal build for fighters, especially with Weapon Mastery. Either of these builds will be really tough. The halberd cops will be hard to dodge and lay down plenty of damage, while the shield cops will be hard to hurt and form the front line in riot control.

Did you like seeing a template? Any templates you’re interested in seeing? Lets us know in the contents below.

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