Richard’s Confounding Wall

RichardsWallIn the caves underneath the Hall of Illumination, this puzzle guards a hint as to the location of Richard’s treasure hoard. It’s internal workings are magical in nature and so the secret can only be destroyed by dismantling it, it must be solved to learn the secret.

The Arcane Circle

The Arcane Circle

This video demonstrates the puzzle in motion, but I’m not giving the solution yet, you’re going to have to try to solve it yourself. You can download the whole zip file here (Or here, if Google Drive is giving you trouble). It might help you to know the Arcane Circle as well.

Good luck, and comment below with your thoughts and whether or not you could get it. Trust me, you’ll know when you’re done.

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4 Responses to Richard’s Confounding Wall

  1. Sean Brady says:

    I got it Pretty easily. I mean I dunno what the Pcs would have to do to figure it out. maybe make it a little more complex. Like Having to memorize the Scrolls as they walk past them. Then later in the dungeon figure it out that way with drawing the the arcane circle that keeps shifting like this one did.

    • jameseck says:

      Thanks for trying it out! What’s your background? How long did it take? I don’t intend it to be a major challenge, maybe 5 minutes at most. Clues about the structure could be found in the mage’s chambers, like the cards he used to prototype it or something.

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