Hall of Illumination

The Hall of Illumination is a small mountain temple to Bresinda in the North of the Erk Mounts. Though the edges of the Erk Mounts are riddled with monasteries and temples, the Hall of Illumination is little visited. Bresinda is viewed by the humans and dwarves that inhabit the area as a flighty and weak deity, and the High Elves that worship her have altars and temples nearer their home. Living memory does not know its origin.


SunOrbThe Hall of Illumination is ancient, dusty, and overgrown with cobwebs, but still the Sun Orbs that light it glow strong and the statues of Bresinda stand proudly. The tablets outside the doors record ancient prayers to the sun that Bresinda longs to hear again. It is not likely that she will.

The most interest that has been shown in the temple in the last century was that of a greedy illusionist who built a network of caves under the temple to hide the treasure he had stolen from it and other shrines. He dabbled in illusions and enchantments and was the slimiest salesman in Erkemna, selling divine artifacts to devout worshipers. His name was Richard. He is long dead, but his treasure horde is still protected by a devious secret passage and a puzzling enchantment that hides the clue he needed each time he forgot the way.

GlassDragonThese protections were not enough, however, to prevent a Glass Dragon moving in. It was attracted by the divine lights in the shrine and the hoard of magical and divine treasures. It has claimed the treasure for itself and defends the shrine voraciously. Bresinda allows it, imagining that one of her followers might one day defeat the dragon and reclaim the Hall of Illumination in her name.

Would you approach the Hall of Illumination in search of treasure and accolades? How would you seek out the dragon? Let us know in the comments below.

Later today, I’ll post Richard’s Confounding Wall, the puzzle that guards the hint to the treasure trove.

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