Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun

Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun (Deity)

She adores light and joy, but especially beauty. She is horrified by the ugly and cruel. She is joyful and careless.

While possessing great powers, Bresinda is somewhat weak of personality. The other good gods seek to support her for her great potential for light. Her worshipers are few, though groups of High Elves serve her with the ideal that she will be key to the battle against evil. She sees all on which rest the rays of the sun.

Alignment: Neutral Good (-2, 9)

Worshipers: High Elves, Satyrs, Centaurs, and Plant Druids

Symbols: the Sun

Colors: yellow, gold, white

Blessing: Emits 700 lumens of light at will.

Gifts of Power: See, Light, Shimmer, Glamour, Unquenchable Illumination, Move Sun

Artifacts: Sun Orb, Shaft of the Morning Ray, Glint off the Sea

Would your character worship Bresinda? Unlikely, since her worshipers don’t like to get involved in the world in big ways. Would you enjoy playing a character who is involved against his will? Let us know in the comments below. 

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