Ability Tuesday-Magical Dominion

Richard, one of my playtesters and the one who understands the mechanics best, in a lot of ways better than me, is a sucker for the SP binding abilities: Create Facsimile, Sensory Extension, Transient Enchant, Extend Encharge, and Animate Dead. He’s always looking for ways to amp up his SP to use for binding to these useful assets.

However, right now the only way is to increase SP by adding intelligence or wisdom. These add SP more slowly than he would like, 4*level SP for intelligence and 2*level SP for wisdom. This is partly because these attributes are doing other things like adding accuracy to spells, recovering SP, helping with checks, and qualifying for classes, but also because SP can be used for so many things besides binding, most notably spells. While a 24 SP increase might not seem huge right away at level 6, that’s an extra half a spell (or whole small spell) before you get run down to the dregs for the day. Binding it may not be its most efficient use.

Richard has therefore proposed an ability to help with binding these things. Magical Dominion provides a large reservoir of binding SP each level. These SP can’t be used for anything but binding and cannot be recovered from the thing bound. Once bound to a facsimile of sensory extension, it is permanent. Essentially, it does the opposite of what Transient Enchant does for enchants. It takes something inherently temporary and makes it permanent. We still need to play with numbers, but comparing it to Enchanting abilities and Transient Enchant, 800 SP seems reasonable, at least for the first level. We might also need to limit which binding situations it can be used in.

Would you get this ability to make your minions permanent? What balance issues do you see? Do you think the SP reservoir should be less on subsequent levels or constant? Be a part of the design process in the comments below.

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