Progress Update-More Playtest and Getting Back

I’ll be brief, this week the new-to-tabletop players made it into Mhyrinport and that storyline is well underway with them breaking a political prisoner (at random) out of the dungeons under the tower. They are now faced with the prospect of getting him out of the city and could make a lot of money that way, or by turning him in. I’m curious to see what they’ll do.

In other news, I designed and coded a browser puzzle created by Richard, one of my more mechanics savvy players. He’s also come up with some cool abilities that might be showcased here soon. Between the design and coding of that puzzle, though, I feel like I’ve still got it. It only took a couple hours and I really enjoyed it. With my thesis finishing up in the next week or so, I expect to be back to coding the game in October. Yay!

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