Saturday Enchantment-Stone Panther Totem

“The switch is just across this courtyard.”

“But archers are just waiting for us to step out.”

“I’ll use the panther. It can make it there and back in time, and the archer’s won’t be able to hurt it.”PantherTotem

If you don’t know the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up: Enchanter’s Almanack.

One of my new-to-table-top playtesters bought a small carving of a panther, just because. He’s tried hard to make it useful, but it’s just a wooden panther carving I made up on the spot. What matters now, though, is he’s looking to get an enchanter to enchant it so it can turn into a real panther, a la Drizzt. Here’s what he’ll get if he can front the money:

Stone Panther Totem

Components: Grai, Order (Full), Ya (Advanced Earth Arc), Ku (Advanced Physical Radius)

Understand Artifact: 80 to understand it is activated by stroking it and produces a stone panther.

This is a lesser enchant, though he could afford more, the enchanter they plan to bring it to only has a lesser enchant left to make. He’s Perchrek, the rising star. He’s one of the few who could pull this enchant off, with his stone magic expertise.

The wood carving is small, ‘lon’ sized, so it would only take 4 days to enchant. The cost would be 104 gc (though Perchrek may give a discount if they permit him to present it to the Magicratic Court). For that, under my current configuration, you get a wooden carving that can transform into a stone panther for 7*6.77=47.4 turns. It would start at a size of 3.5*6.77/8=3 cubic feet of limestone, shrinking back down to the size of the statue over time. It would fight as if an earth elemental of the same size with 1d4 blunt damage per turn and a dexterity of 10. It has a 30 minute cool down and recharge.

How’d you like seeing an enchantment? Would you want a Stone Panther Totem? How would you fight one? How much more would you pay for a greater enchant where you got a bigger panther and could take the totem with you while the panther covers the retreat? As a Master Weaver, would you use this against your players? How?

What enchantments would you make? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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