Magic Shops Tables for Mhyrinport

With my new-to-table-top playtesters entering Mhyrinport last night with the express purpose of blowing their money on better equipment, I put together this series of tables to randomly generate magic/potion shops in the city. It’s quite extensive, and all of the magical items are tailored to serve the paranoid rich and noble. There’s self defense items, protective enchantments, and home protection traps, with items useful to an adventurer being more rare. Not that it matters, I haven’t given them enough money to make use of it.

Shops1Speaking of money, making this table brought up the question of how much things like petty enchants, true enchants, and spell casting cost in the world. It depends a lot on how prevalent magic is and what costs are like for other things, but my golden standards I try to tie all things magical to are A) the fixed cost of petty enchanting: 50 gc per +, and B) the changeable cost of meals. No matter how common magic is, a mage who cast spells for a living has to at least make a living. When magic isn’t ubiquitous, they can charge a little more for their expertise. The cost is mostly tied to how long recovering the cast SP will take them, so it’s a pretty posh job.


Similarly, the cost of true enchants is tied to the cost of petty enchants by their relation, but should also take into account the enchanter’s time needed to get to the point he can make another enchant. How much they can mark up this time again depends on how common magic is in the world.

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