Character Thursday-Perchrek Heliendshil (Gnome Enchanter)

Here’s and NPC I might be able to introduce to my level 2 players when they reach Mhyrinport. He’ll be the aspiring politician they can back as they fight the corruption in the city.


Perchrek Heliendshil was born into a common family in the Mhyrinshind holdings. His family were miners and as far from nobility as possible. They worked diligently to mine enough ore to keep food on the table, and they never aspired to more than that. That is, until Perchrek was born. Perchrek was extremely bright, if scrawnier than his brothers. At a young age, he demonstrated an affinity for magic in a display that discovered diamonds not a foot from their existing tunnel. His parents experienced ambition for the first time. Rather than save the diamonds for a rainy day, they reinvested them in a magical education for Perchrek. They sent him to the surface to make the Heliendshils known for magic.

Levels 1-7:

A neophyte mage, Perchrek took his natural skill to Mhyrinport and opened up a spell shop in midtown. Before very long his skill as a stone mage became broadly known in the Craftsman’s Quarter and they came to him for stone repair work and the like. After hours he could be found there doing off site spells on larger pieces of stonework. He became very successful monetarily and the Perchrek family no longer worried about food. But that was not the purpose of their ambition. They hoped to get a seat in the Magicratic Court. Perchrek learned enchanting and began playing the magipolitical game to get a name among enchanters. His enchants were edgy and new and he got research funding from the Magicratic Court. He was well on his way to a seat.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 12, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 26, Intelligence: 26, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Spell Casting VI, Facade IIIMagical Intuition II, Epic Enchant I, Lesser Enchant IIllusory Casting ISwift Magic I, Extend Encharge I, Magical Scholasticism ISense Magic IUnderstand Artifact I

Skills: Perception IV

Perchrek is a Magicrat in the making: his focus is on research and learning in magic and enchanting. He isn’t well-spoken enough to succeed much socially, but he is pretty knowledgeable in magic and his area of expertise is well respected in the city. Though Perchrek is pretty wild for government, he spends his facade shift mostly on looking more lawful, a shift of 2 points getting him into the neutral good region. He has been known to take on a sudden change of character to a more chaotic, less good-natured personality when in trouble to unsettle and off-balance opponents. He is a pretty good spell caster with a broad knowledge of spells.

Would you react to an NPC like this? How would you use him as a GM? Let us know in the comments below.  

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