The Deep Darkness-Waste Disposal

I left a few loose ends in my hurry to get the main body of the Deep Darkness finished. Today I’ll tie up those loose ends in four posts. I’ll start with loose end Q5.

QDisposalCaveThis chamber is the final resting place of waste produced in the Deep Darkness. Since this area is occupied by a few Churners, waste put there is reduced much more quickly than sitting somewhere else. The refuse deposited at G is periodically transferred to this chamber. This is in order to prevent the danger of frequently dumping near the churners. The denizens at G are fairly safe, but dumps in Q5 must be supported by a large contingent of fighters to get the waste far enough in to prevent churners ever coming out. Despite the danger, the churners are loved by Quudala and serve an important role in processing the Stewards‘ waste.

The unwary who wander into the waste area are in great danger. While the Churners here are very well fed, they are also very territorial. There are many of them and they are eager to protect this abundant source of food from interlopers. If they see a small group entering, they will quickly prepare an ambush against the intruding party. If the party presents some threat, this will involve hit and run tactics drawing them nearer the back of the cave before attacking all at once. Their tunnels systems allow them to disappear an reappear all over making charging attacks from behind.Churner

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