The Deep Darkness-The Coating Chamber

I left a few loose ends in my hurry to get the main body of the Deep Darkness finished. Today I’ll tie up those loose ends in four posts. Q2 and Q3 are connected.QCoatingCave

This area, located near the Altar of Quudala, is an area of preparation. All Stewards of the Deep Darkness approaching the altar, as well as visitors wishing to witness a sacrifice (usually their own offering), must perform the appropriate readying ritual here. Depending on the nature of the offering, the sacrifice may also be subjected to the ritual.

As part of the ritual, all clothing is left in the eastern chamber until after the sacrifices have been performed. The worshipers then pass through the mudpit, with select representatives going first to stir up the loam and ensure that it is evenly distributed. Worshipers, and some offerings, must leave the mud covered head to toe in order to stand in the presence of Quudala at her Altar.

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